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As a managed service provider (MSP), we are able to provide you with complete IT support for all your business needs.

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Managed IT Services

Monitoring your systems allows us to fix minor problems before they become major problems. Over the past several years, technology has allowed the IT support industry to be proactive. Previously, we had to wait for a problem to occur before fixing it, this is known as the break/fix model. Currently, most IT companies use the managed approach that allows us to install software on your computers and network to continuously monitor for problems to be able to be fixed before they become a major break. This managed model allows your systems to keep running better so you have less downtime which increases your business profits. 

Offsite Backup/

Most people think of backups after they have lost a file. Allow us to be that safety net and protect your lost files. Our recommended backup solution provides your business with both a local onsite backup and a remote offsite backup. In the event of files being lost, a local backup allows us to recover your files quickly. In the even of a major disaster, we will still have all of your files stored securely at a separate location.

Disaster Planning

Theft, Lightning, Fire, Tornado - All of these can cause a major disruption for your business. Having a plan in place helps give you peace of mind. Allow us to help you create a plan that insures the safety of your network and files when disaster strikes so you can continue to successfully run your business.

Hybrid Services

Should your hardware and software be in the cloud or on premise? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? We have to evaluate your current hardware and internet reliability plus more advanced requirements that all need to work within your budget. Allow us to help answer those questions and create a setup that best works for you and your business.

Network Design and Management

Just like your PC, the network equipment needs updates and security patches to ensure it is running optimally. As your company grows, the design and management of your network become critical. Adding devices increases the risk of cyberattacks. Allow our staff to design your network based on the size of your company without overextending your IT budget.

Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is used to make your website appear as a higher ranking search result on Google. Allow us to do this complicated process for you as we can utilize multiple SEO strategies as we will continually check your rankings and work to make updates in order to increase your rank. Because your ranking with Google is constantly changing, without constant SEO engagement your raking will drop, causing you to lose potential customers.

HIPAA Compliance

If you are an organization that falls under HIPAA regulation, allow us to help you become compliant with your technology. With experienced techs who have worked with numerous HIPAA compliant offices, we are confident that we can help your office reach and maintain the necessary compliance standards.

Social Media

Most businesses fall short in this area as it has become critical within the past few years. Allow us to manage these for you. With numerous social media platforms today, the top well known platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and X. We are able to work with you to decide which platform(s) best fit your business for marketing. 

Website Design and Hosting

Updated websites are essential in todays business. They must be optimized to work well on all devices. Allow us to design and host your website giving it updates to stay fresh while creating a higher Google ranking by adding one of our SEO packages.

Phone Systems Support

With high-speed internet connections, your phone system can run through your internet connection using a technology called VOIP. We can manage your existing phone system or through our phone vendor we can provide you with a quote for a new VOIP system.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam

Attacks on businesses are continually increasing, which is why businesses need to stay current with this type of service to reduce the risk of becoming a victim to these attacks. As a part of our IT services, we are able to provide significant discounts for the needed software to ensure you are protected.

Windows Update and Patch Management

Microsoft continuously releases fixes and security updates to make systems run better and to keep your data protected. We use software to automate this task for your business.


Using a combination of hardware and software we can protect your systems from both internal and external threats while ensuring the safety of your businesses electronic data from potential attackers.

Building Network wiring

Adding network and phone connections to your office is not a DIY task. To properly wire a building, you must be able to avoid electrical wiring and pipes. We offer this as a professional service using the most recent industry standards.

Managed Email

You should not have to worry about potentially losing email or having email malfunctions in your business. Allow us to setup, maintain, and backup your emails.

PCI Compliance

If your business accepts credit cards then you must pass an annual PCI compliance, to attest that your business is compliant involves filling out an annual questionnaire that is typically several hundred questions about credit cards and how you protect their data, additionally, your network must pass a vulnerability scan quarterly to ensure compliance. We can run the vulnerability scans and assist in fixing the technology problems that the scan reveals and will guide you through the questionnaire.

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